Press for Alright Alright

Fourculture Magazine:

"If Alright Alright has a formula, it's pure power-pop: strong lyrics and great hooks delivered with vocal passion, crafted harmonies and instrumental muscle. The songs are visceral, danceable, and have a knack of staying in your head for days...this band doesn't like to play, they live to play."

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Radio Free Silverlake:

"...L.A.'s poppy, suit-clad answer to the Misfits...(Alright Alright) is Great Great." - Jed

"Alright Alright just knocked me dead. Overwhelming power-pop supremely well presented with a super-charismatic frontman in Michael Sweeney, and assist from a multi-talented crew in both the instrumental and vocal should not miss them." - Brad

The Ruckus:

"...(Alright Alright's) songs are tight and well-crafted, a testament to the talent of the writers and the dedication of the musicians."

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704 blog:

"Alright Alright does pop music hard, with just enough oddity sprinkled atop every song to keep things flavorful."

"...delightfully invasive..."

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We're doing our best to get the word out, but if you have any suggestions for where to submit our album for reviews and/or love, please email us!